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Common Assessment Standard (CAS)

The Steel Construction Certification Scheme (SCCS) has been awarded a recognised assessment body status to offer non UKAS accredited certification to the Build UK Common Assessment Standard (CAS).

About the Common Assessment Standard

What is the Common Assessment Standard?

The Common Assessment Standard is a comprehensive accreditation developed by Build UK, with the support of The Civil Engineering Contractors Association, to streamline and standardise the pre-qualification process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Common Assessment Standard (CAS) is a standardised question set which incorporates PAS 91 and corresponding assessment standards, which covers 10 key areas to assess a company’s competency.

In order to prepare for an assessment and audit, a guide to the question set can be downloaded here.

Why get Common Assessment Standard accreditation?

  • Minimise duplication in the PQ assessment process, with many main contractors and clients adopting CAS
  • Ensures competitive tenders
  • Demonstrates competency, compliance and reduced risk
  • Data will be shared with other accredited suppliers to minimise the need to complete numerous assessments
  • Reduce time and resources with a standard PQ process



I am interested in gaining CAS accreditation with SCCS.

To find out more and the associated costs, please complete the following form and someone from the team will get back to discuss.

    What is SCCS’ Common Assessment Standard offer?

    There are assessment levels available and the most appropriate is allocated depending on the various business factors which include trade, size of company, requirements of the client. This will be discussed with you upon application.

    • SCCS Build Assured CAS Lite – this is a remote desktop audit of the information provided in the assessment form
    • SCCS Build Assured CAS Elite – this is a site-based audit of the company being accredited where the assessor will visit the premises to ensure the company can demonstrate that policies and evidence provided is being put into business practice. This will provide contractors and clients the assurance that the requirements have been met and are being implemented for the accreditation

    Once the appropriate option has been determined for your company, the CAS assessment questions will need to be completed along with the submission of supporting evidence. An auditor will then be appointed to manage the next stage of the process and either review the information remotely or arrange a site visit to review policies and demonstrable compliance within the organisation.

    To maintain CAS accreditation, SCCS will carry out annual audits to verify all information remains acceptable to meet requirements and that time-critical evidence and certifications have been renewed, maintained and submitted.

    We are a micro-business – is Common Assessment Standard appropriate?

    All companies, of all sizes are encouraged to undertake and achieve CAS certification.

    Assessment standards will be applied in a fair manner for a micro business with less than ten employees or have a balance sheet total of less than £1.8 million or have a turnover below £1.8 million.